In our simplest Definition, Forge equips Everyday women and men to live as missionaries where they’re already doing life.

Forge Hubs partner with the local church to mobilize the people of God to particpate in the mission of God. The Forge training equips individuals to live and pioneer as missionaries in the places they have already been sent.

We do not want to extract people from their context rather we want to come to them. We are not sending people over borders and across seas, rather we are helping ordinary followers of Jesus realize they have already been sent to the places they live, work, or play. It is here in these places we want to equip people to make a Kingdom difference and alongside others see new expressions of the Kingdom emerge. So whether you are a full time student, a stay at home parent, a business-man or business-woman, an artist, an architect, a pastor or priest, etc.; this learning comes to you.

The Pathway

The Forge Missionary Formation Residency is the pathway for equipping women and men to live as missionaries and pioneer new Kingdom expressions. This residency is 6 months in length and is broken into 12, 2 week sessions. In each session you will engage the online training, be challenged to take steps of action, and encouraged to reflect on you how are being formed through inspiration, information, and action. Additionally, you be provided with personal coaching and environments, either locally or virtually, for collaborative learning environments.

Not a regional hub near you? Follow the link below to connect to the Forge Online Hub.We look forward to hearing from you!